October 11, 2005 | Category:

Food, part 3: Good Tortillas

Away from the fairly unhealthy food of last week, there are some meals that I know how to make that won’t absolutely kill you from either sugar or fat content. They are, however, few and far between. The Beef And Cheese Tortilla is the best of them:

  • Get some Tortillas, preferrably with a light sprinkling of flour.
  • Buy some fresh beef ham. By that I mean, go to a real butchers. I know, fresh ingredients; crazy. You may need to specify that you don’t want any spices added, depending on how your butcher sells the stuff.
  • Get some peppers.
  • Get a block of strong cheddar. Or, if you don’t like the finest cheese known to man, pick something else. Your choice.
  • Dice the beef ham and peppers.
  • Grate the cheese.
  • Prepare a thick gravy. It should not be watery at all. That would cause a mess later.
  • Fry the beef ham until nearly done (frying pan or wok), then add the gravy to coat it a bit. When it’s all bubbling and nearly done, add the peppers for the last minute or so.
  • Lay out the tortillas flat and add a few drops of the grated cheese.
  • Fill with the contents of the pan, add more cheese and wrap.
  • Enjoy.

And some people think I can’t cook anything without a hundred calories. Bah! Next time, how to make a pot noodle.