December 05, 2005 | Category:

M3 Power Nitro

Despite all the usual bravado one would expect from the Proctor and Gamble lot, the Gilette M3 Power Nitro (one assumes marketing came up with a name that bad) is surprisingly good. I’m not one to gush about razors (this is a first for me), but it really does make a difference in the number of strokes, which I’m reliably informed means less irritation.

It’s different from it’s big brother, the Mach 3, in that it has a vibrating motor inside. The outcome of using this is that it just glides through the hair. Now previously, it took me a good while to slice through the hair (particularly when trimming my goatee a bit). The downside? Shaving with a brand new blade can be dangerous at the best of times because it tends to be, as one would expect, razor-sharp. With additional vibrations, it tends to go a bit awry. Worth a go, though.