December 30, 2005 | Category:

Dropped Feeds

Given that a new year is almost upon us, I figured it is a good time to get rid of the feeds I do not read any more. Before this cull, I had 218 feeds in Bloglines. That’s a fair number to keep up with and I don’t think my unread items count has dropped below a thousand in months now. Here’s what has been removed:

  • Scary Duck – It’s not gone any worse, it just hasn’t changed at all. I just don’t read it any more.
  • Query Letters I Love – Not entertaining enough any more for the throughput.
  • New Urban Legends – Debunking urban legends. Good reference, but not feed worthy.
  • World Wide Words – Why I ever subscribed to this is beyond me. Resolutely dull.
  • Code Snippets – When most of the examples are so out of context and badly done, I don’t want to sift through them in a feed reader for the few gems.
  • The Religious Policeman – A well meaning site on the situation in Saudia Arabia, but one whose jaded writing has become more and more stilted.
  • Creative Commons – A signal to noise problem: not consistently interesting enough to read.
  • Astronomy Picture Of The Day – Although some of the pictures can be quite stunning, there are only so many nebulas I can find interesting. That number was reached some time ago.
  • Guardian Unlimited – Again, a signal to noise issue. Of the several hundred items a week, I read maybe 2. Time for it to go.

Far more than that shall be going, but it’s a good start.