January 04, 2006 | Category:

Derren Brown: Heist

Since Channel 4 seem incapable of advertising anything I’ve ever been waiting for them to screen (for example, the American Gothic re-runs), I shall take it upon myself to point out that the newest Derren Brown special is on in 20 minutes. Only spotted because of sheer fluke.

It’s called The Heist, and the boy wonder is planning on convincing people to rob a bank. You just know he’ll succeed, but it’s the frightening ease with which he does things that makes him so entertaining.

Go! Watch!

Update: Terrifying. Definitely worth a watch on the next repeat, or when the torrents appear in about an hours time.

Update 2: Might I suggest that the huge number of people arriving on this post looking for a torrent try somewhere else that might have it like UKNova