January 10, 2006 | Category:

Three Years

Solitude, as of today, has been running for three full years. Bloody hell. I’ve been going over a few random archive posts and it really is amazing how much the tone and style has changed over that time. I look back to early posts and see just how much my focus and enthusiasm has changed, I’m finding it much harder to post these days, particularly about technical issues which is bizarre since I understand technology and code far better now than ever. Half of the stuff I think about doing doesn’t seem as worthy of a post these days: I assume most of the people who read this would already know what I’m talking about and don’t need it again, and I certainly wouldn’t be writing it for myself.

As has become tradition on this site, last year I made predictions about what to expect on Solitude and got it hugely wrong. The Solitude sister project (code named “P”) failed to appear because I did literally nothing towards it. The post rate was light in the first half of the year, but got worse in the second half rather than better. Hooray!

Predictions for this year? More code. I was far too apathetic towards coding last year. Having done so much to finish my degree, then doing it as a full time job for the rest of the year, the last thing I wanted to do was come home and code more. However, in that time, the list of projects that I wanted to work on grew hugely (there are over 50 things on the list now). I hope that I’ll have time for at least some of them. Also, I will make an attempt to work on “P”. I think it would be good for me, a very different kind of website to Solitude. Of course, given past predictions, none of that will happen.

To anyone who has ever read this site, or who continues to do so despite its shortcomings, thanks. Hope you stick around for another year.