April 04, 2006 | Category:


I know people have developed some fairly clever systems for organising their priorities and tasks, but I’m still using post-it notes to organise (yes, it is a total nightmare). I’m looking for some system which is neither bureaucratic nor rigid.


  • While I can see the point in organising to some extent (there’s no way I’d remember all that stuff without noting it down), I don’t want tied into dogma either. Just a simple way of doing things.
  • Paper-based. I am not carrying around a PDA with me.
  • Must be explainable in 60 seconds. If it takes longer than that then it’s probably far too complicated already.
  • Update consolidation must be easy. That’s the real problem I have: a bunch of post-it notes that started with 5-10 items, and now have a handful each. There’s got to be an easy way of pulling together all the random items.

Got suggestions?