April 29, 2006 | Category:

Myspace And Design

After about a year of hassle and countless arguments about the worth of social networks in general, I’ve finally done the (near) unthinkable and gotten a myspace page. You can find me, surprisingly enough, under the VKPS user name.

Why the change of heart? It wasn’t the getting slightly annoyed with people after every “What’s your myspace address?” question and ensuing debate (people can’t accept that it’s a pretty worthless site when you keep in touch with your friends and don’t really want a whole bunch of imaginary ones). It was the publishing of Mike Davidson’s guide to hacking a more tasteful myspace. I might not be much of a graphic designer or artist, but I know that the default design and masses of garish colour schemes and poor typography just wasn’t for me; I couldn’t put my name to it. Admittedly, I’ve done very little to the design I’ve put up, beyond the default hack; but it’s a simple, tasteful style that I can live with.

Speaking of design, I’ve started playing around with ideas for the next Solitude design. Current front-runner is based on picture I made (modified from stock photo) that I like to call Red Winter. I’ve got a few ideas of where that image might take the design, various variations in layout and structure but I definitely like the natural touch in the design. Incidentally, since a few people have commented on the current Solitude “Sunflower” logo, I want to put out that it’s not a flower. It’s actually a very heavily distorted picture of a star (blurring and colour bleeding used through-out).

Of course, don’t expect to see a finished design for, oh, another year at this rate.