May 08, 2006 | Category:

Into The Future

Today was a bit of a surreal experience. I got an email from myself, from a year ago. I had forgotten about it, but I found a website called Future Me and promptly sent myself an email.

Dear FutureMe,

Don’t know whether you’ll remember sending this, but you did. Today is 8th May 2005 and you just found a site called futureme that lets you email yourself at a date in the future. I’m sending this a year into the future.

What’s going on with you? Today is the day before our first exam of fourth year (Information Retrieval), the start of 3 weeks of hell. There’s no point in lying to you: I think we’re fucked for these exams. We need to get a 2:1 to get the job with [BigCo]. Did you get it? It’s looking unlikely from here.

Where is your life now? Right now, you’re back living at home but are barely ever actually there, beyond the occassional sleep and breakfast. You’ve been focussing on this university stuff but still fucking it up.

You’re in a 5-piece band called “[Awful Band Name]”. It’s still a bit rough, but we’re getting better.

Umm, not sure what else to say. Brain is in study mode (in that its what I’m thinking about, but not actually doing). Good luck, hope you’re doing better than me.

Best Regards,


Receiving that was both amusing and a bit disconcerting: I got what I needed so I am working for [BigCo], I’m living away from home and spending about as much time in my flat as I did at home (i.e. I sleep here sometimes), and I’m no longer in that band (we never got all that much better). It’s good to be out of “study mode” knowing that I never need to go through that again.

Definitely another few getting sent into the future. Worth a go