October 24, 2006 | Category:

This Is 23

Another year down. 23. I’m at that fun stage in life where you’re sure you’re still young but end up in a whole bunch of situations where you feel old. It doesn’t help the ego, but I imagine it will only get more and more acute so I should enjoy my pseudo youth as best as I can.

It’s been a fast year. This time last year, I was about 3 months into my job with the BigCo and still a little out of my depth. Now, I’m completely comfortable with my job and skills: they keep throwing me stuff out of my comfort zone, and I figure it out pretty quickly. Need a massively scalable web application with ridiculously low latency? I can do that. Want to compare any number of Solaris boxes from Sun for specific infrastructures? I can do that too. I couldn’t say that a year ago.

I’ve also moved into a flat that I rather like. City centre living is definitely for me, right now. I can see myself wanting to live further into the countryside later in life but, right now, in the middle of everything is where I am enjoying myself. Two minutes from all the things I want to do.

I’ve continued all that fun learning about the world and people, etc, but feel less inclined to talk about it. I know I’m better, and that’s all I need to say.

Incidentally, by pure chance, I had the same song stuck in my head from my birthday post last year. So, older, better, but still the same.