January 02, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized

Solitude Awards 2008

As has become tradition (see last year), it’s time for the best of 2008 awards here at sunny Solitude:

  • Best album of 2008 – I was struggling to come up with anything for this, mostly because I can’t really remember what I’ve gotten this year. Thankfully, my last.fm profile is handy for these things, once you mine past all the great older stuff I’ve been listening to. I think the best new album I got from this year is “West Texas” by Sleepercar. Formed as a side-project to Sparta, Jim Ward makes Alt. Rock and Country sit tidily, side by side. A pleasant listen.
  • Saddest band break-up of 2008 – It’s been a bad year for fans of modern rock, having lost the joint winners of this award. Reuben and Hell is for Heroes have both called it a day. Both bands were known for excellent live performances, solid albums and a great ethic. They’ll be sadly missed.
  • Most disappointing no-show album of 2008 – Overdue by quite some time, “Pandemonium Duke”, is the second album by Marmaduke Duke (made up of Biffy Clyro and Sucioperro members). We heard the first sampler well over 18 months ago and this record has been sitting on the shelves for quite some time. The plus side is that it now looks to be moving (first single is due out in February) and on a major label. Good times ahead for the Duke.
  • Best use of William Fichtner 2008 – While it would be easy to pick his ongoing role as Alex Mahone in Prison Break as his best use, I think we can do better. In the opening sequence for The Dark Knight, the joker and his goons rob a bank that is run by gangsters. The branch manager comes out wielding a shotgun and generally kicking ass. Who was it? Yeah, William Fichtner. Take that, Prison Break.
  • Best novel I read this year – I’m going to stretch this category a little (but only as far as others have before) and say the best novel I read this year was Watchmen. A densely plotted, well-imagined, gripping story covering so many themes and narratives that weave around each other so tightly that there’s no way to just mention a part. An incredible read.

And that’s it for 2008. Hope we have as much fun making up the 2009 awards, and you all have a good year. Keep your eyes peeled for Fichtner though, he’s hard to spot.