January 10, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized

Six Years of Solitude

So, as of the publishing date of this piece, Solitude will have been around and active for six years. It seems like a long time. Going back and looking over the first few entries is, as one might expect, cringe-inducing.

There’s the very first post (which promised the now long-defunct main VKPS site would be back soon – HA!) and first real update about Geolocation (which hasn’t really done much of any use, though we’ll see if Geode changes that), and the first film review (for The Tuxedo), and even the first first recipe (I remember how bad that omlette was, it was all shell).

Even though my post rate has dropped over the years, I hope that Solitude or a successor will still be here in another six years, to give me pleasant memories to wince over.