March 12, 2003 | Category:

PHP Challenge #3 Update

For those waiting on responses regarding PHP challenge #3, my apologies. I’ve been too busy to reply properly. This will be rectified by this time tomorrow! I’ve set a deadline now, so I’ll have some motivation to meet it. Most likely, I’ll extend the challenge deadline by a few days to allow for the amount of time I’ve not been answering people with regards to the challenge. Watch this space and the challenge entry itself for more details.

UPDATE: I’m abandoning this challenge. Too many different configurations of server exist (among other factors) for this to work properly all the time. Since the point of these challenges was to test people and provide code to the public (hence everything submitted is public domain), and I can’t helpfully do either, it’s over. Apologies to the people who submitted scripts already. I hope this unfortunate incident won’t stop anyone joining in next time.