March 14, 2003 | Category:

Success Or Failure

I’ve partially fixed the problems outlined in the article, “Failure”. Unfortunately a new one has creeped up: I can’t delete or edit any files at all. The last post I made was a test to check if everything was working. I can’t get rid of it. Very frustrating.

The changes that work (hopefully) are:

  • The RSS has moved. To find it, either use standard auto-discovery or click the orange XML button on the navigation bar. This was done to facilitate future changes that are in motion,
  • I finally added an accessibility statement to the site. This has been done for a long time but I didn’t have a link to it. Read at your leisure,
  • The archives still work but, since updating, are a bit twitchy. If you notice anything odd, notify me.

I’m also going to be gone for a few days; probably Tuesday before any more updates are available. The next PHP challenge should go live around then too.