May 11, 2003 | Category:

The X-Philes

Further to my post about Content Sent Correctly, I’ve been added to Evan’s list of sites that pass all 3 tests called “The X-Philes“. So far, only 11 sites are on that list.

What I didn’t mention before-hand, is that there is actually a 4th test: Why do you use XHTML? So thought it might be worth answering that one, even if it isn’t necessary.

  1. To learn – the best way to learn a new technology, for better or worse, is to use it in a practical application. For XHTML, that means building a website,
  2. Because XHTML is XML – I like XML. It’s well-formed, logical, and if something isn’t how you wanted it to be, it’s probably your fault (rather than a browser bug, as is usually the case in HTML). It’s also scrappable. If I want to extract any part of my markup without going to stupid lengths, I can do so with any XML parser,
  3. It’s semantically richer – no more name tag, only one language attribute, and lots more redundancy is gone.

I’m sure there are other reasons that I’ve forgotten for now, but I think those are sufficient reasons.