May 22, 2003 | Category:

Things To Not Do While Drunk

There are certain things you should not attempt to do either drunk or while recovering from a serious night of drinking. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Drinking orange juice. It will go right through you, and that is the last thing you’ll want to see/smell/experience,
  • Debug 2 apache servers simultaneously. This is not recommended behaviour at any time, but it gets more fun when you can’t focus on which one you’re fixing. This leads to more problems and more debugging. Ad infinitum,
  • Install mod_rewrite. Tracking problems online and offline to find some common ground, to get mod_rewrite working is NOT fun. Bastarding thing,
  • Watch Sister Act 2. Actually, you should never do this.

There’s far more that could be added, but for sake of pride, I’ll leave it at that.