May 23, 2003 | Category:

It Started Off So Well

How can days start off so well and then go down the toilet so fast? Everything was going great. I had a decent (last) day at uni, and everything was roses. Then I came home and thought I’d do some work on improving the URLs around here.

Locally (I run an Apache server on my own computer), I got everything looking nice: URIs everywhere, and everything looking simplified and clean. Things worked well. Now, despite the test sampling I tried a few days ago that worked fine, when I uploaded, my host crapped out. It refused to load any page that used the mod_rewrite rules I specified.

After a while of trying the new permalinks (of the form /News/2003/05/19/#PageTitle), I gave up. But then my host completely crapped out. The server went done and FTP calls were blocked for a long time (or so it seemed). So, not only did the new URLs and permalinks not work, I couldn’t change them back.

In the meantime, I though I’d try out the new version of Firebird. Needless to say, it didn’t go well. Although everything was initially fine, after a few minutes pages would take forever to load and then the browser would drain all resources. The net result was that pages didn’t show and my music wouldn’t play. Fun.

But, as things usually do, things semi-worked out: I got the old files uploaded (so those lovely new permalinks don’t exist anywhere but on my computer), and managed to revert to my old version of Firebird. So nothing lost, but nothing gained.