June 30, 2003 | Category:

Cascading Changes

I’ve made a few small changes over the past week or so that should make reading this site a bit easier:

  1. Justified text – text on all pages is now justified. This took a seconds worth of work and makes everything look a lot better. To anyone who doesn’t do this already, add p {text-align: justify;} to your CSS immediately.
  2. Smaller CSS – The remaining CSS has been made more detailed, yet the file is smaller. If you’re seeing any weird effects during the change, press CTRL and F5 together.
  3. Valid XHTML for code – the code pages now show valid XHTML (where appropriate) rather than the default mish-mish. This is all thanks to conversion code from Xiven.
  4. Meta tags changed – Hopefully Google will actually figure out how to follow my permalinks now that I’ve updated my meta-tags.

As with most things, you probably won’t notice most of these changes. That’s a good thing: I like seamless changes.