July 02, 2003 | Category:

Syndication To Make The Eyes Bleed

I’ve added a few new syndication formats today, thanks largely to the fact that the generic feed creation script I wrote last week actually works. So what are these fun new flavours of syndication?

First up is my ESF feed. This is a very simple format: date, title and link all in plain text. And that’s it. The ESF spec explains everything you need to know.

Secondly, is my CDF feed for IE users only (after the enhancements users of better browsers get, it’s the least I could do for those poor people still suffering a slow bloated browser). Click on the link to the feed and it’ll try to add itself to your favourites. Let it. This will then give you a list of all the current items.

A little bit more difficult to implement. I basically copied the format used by Sam and Aquarionics and did my best to get it to work. The only thing that wasn’t fairly obvious was that it must be served with a MIME type of application/cdf.

Both feeds, and others, can be found on the syndication page.