July 08, 2003 | Category:

Links Are Fun

In lieu of actual content, I thought I’d do one of those entirely links based posts that people are so fond of. Note: there are actually a few pieces of real content waiting to be added, but I thought since I got a decent set of links today, I’d post them instead.

Pixie Theory: RSS vs. Necho: By thinking of the opposing sides as either pixies or not pixies, we can figure out what side of an argument we should be on. Necho wins, of course.

BurningBird: I remember usenet: AOL is coming for weblogs. As any right thinking individual knows, this is the first sign of the apocalypse.

Be A Grafitti Artist: A (partial) return to form for Nothing Sacred with this article about how to be a grafitti artist.

Drop Shadows With CSS: A nice little technique for adding shadows to boxes in CSS.

Blogshares: I finally became a blogshares millionairre today. To celebrate, I devalued the stock for this site by selling a shitload of it; earning myself yet more money. Capitalism is, indeed, fun.