July 10, 2003 | Category:

Pie, Beer And Textile?

First up: How do we feel about 99 bottles of beer in 571 languages? Programming languages. Yes, someone has created a list of very similar programs in pretty much every language that’s ever done anything useful (and about 550 others). Too much spare time, but interesting to compare syntax nonetheless.

We now have Necho support in the feed validator (formerly the RSS validator). It is based on the 1st of July snapshot and, although there have been changes since then, it works nicely.

Most exciting for me is the announcement of Textile 2. Textile is an integral part of my developing CMS these days (I even have written permission from Dean Allen to include it in any final public release I might make).

There were a few things I had to change about the first version: it got a bit scatty for me when dealing with del and ins tag, and refused to do the right thing with code tags without a fair amount of mucking around. I also really wanted a detextile function for editing and began work on it before giving up. At a glance in the code of Textile 2, there seems to be an experimental version in there. Nice! I look forward to being able to mess around more with it.