August 02, 2003 | Category:


Words fail me for a review of The Hulk. While certainly not as bad as, say, Dreamcatcher, it still ranks as one of the worst films of modern times.

The first hour or so is just tedious. A very obvious plot is frameworked, predictable plot devices planted, and paper thin relationships are set-up. So far, so boring. Then we get an array of highly stereotyped characters prancing around, pretending to act.

The editing doesn’t help matters. Why Ang Lee thought that using comic book framing would be good is beyond me. At the most serious moments, we get multiple views of each character in a boxed view moving around the screen; making watching it and taking it seriously a real chore.

The worst moment is the inevitable dream sequence (I did say it was bad). Bruce Banner sees the eponymous character in a mirror, who then pulls a bad Morbo impression.

To be fair, I went in expecting it to be bad, but not this bad; Lou Ferrigno would be rolling in his grave if he was dead (and didn’t have a cameo in the damn thing).