August 03, 2003 | Category:

Cleaning Up After Atom

I’ve been involved in the atom/pie/echo wiki since day one. Lately, the initial forward motion has been dwindling. Part of this is that every topic that is started brances off in a dozen directions. After a few iterations and loops, resources and opinions are scarce on any given page; making consensus difficult, and prolonging the minutia.

So, today I spent 90 minutes cleaning the wiki. This mostly involved looking at the pages of unanswered questions and answering as many as I could, refactoring old dead pages, and generally abbreviating old content.

I want to encourage others to do the same. Unless the wiki is pruned, we’re going to have a jungle of branching conversation so dense (in more ways than one) that no right thinking developer is going to want to delve in. So let’s cut a path through, shall we?

More on this soon.