August 04, 2003 | Category:

Subscribing: RSS and OPML

A day or two ago, I introduced a very subtle change to this site. Go on, see if you can spot it. Done? For those weak of eye, the XML button I had is now a “Sub” button. What is that and what does it do? Read on.

The Syndication subscription service is a way for sites to help their users subscribe to their RSS feeds, for whatever aggregator they use. By simply clicking on a Sub link, they are taken to a page which lets them pick the aggregator they use and hands off the subscription process to their app; making it easy to subscribe to any feed that uses the process.

So far, so simple. Unfortunately, I offer two RSS feeds (excluding the 3.0 feed). I don’t want two buttons. So, to get round this, I used the OPML support in the subscription service. Now, if you click on my sub button, you’ll be able to pick the RSS flavour of your choice and then your aggregator.

At some point, I might add my blogroll to the OPML file, but that’s for another day.