November 21, 2003 | Category:

Finger, Skinning And Tivo

It’s about time for another random link post. Because I’ve been tied up with work this week, some of this is old news, but I’ll propagate it anyway.

  • Skinning in Seoul – A fascinating look at the things being done with mobiles in the East. I know I want the phone with the built-in TV,
  • Regex Blog – A blog about regular expressions. A bit of a dry subject, certainly, but this is the sort of thing that will come in handy for a lot of developers,
  • A Life Without Tivo – A child who has never known TV without a PVR thinks any other TV is broken. The marketing people will have a field day,
  • Devkit Advance – Programming GameBoy Advances. A bit niche, but interesting,
  • Nokia N-Gage cracked – Security on the new N-Gage has been cracked already, allowing games to be run on other mobiles,
  • Let Them Sing It For You – Type in some song lyrics, and you’ll get an interpretation back taken from words in other songs. Bizarre,
  • Family Guy could be coming back – Excellent news. Due to high DVD sales, Family Guy might be getting revived
  • First Galaxy Jedi – In the new MMORPG Star Wars: Galaxies, the first Jedi have appeared. Within hours, a bounty was on their heads. Very appropriate,
  • FOAFFinger – Using FOAF to provide a rich fingering repository (no jokes, please),
  • Ninja Monkeys – And finally, some pictures of my friends and I pulling ninja poses in the 3rd year computing lab of Glasgow University. Why? Why not.

Some really good stuff today. Enjoy.