November 25, 2003 | Category:

Love Actually

The new romantic comedy, Love Actually, can be described reasonably accurately in terms of the dimensions of the film it came on.

It’s a few millimetres across, far too long, and about as deep as a piece of paper.

That does wrap it up nice and neatly but for anyone who wants a slightly extended review, here goes: there are about 6 plot strands that are vaguely interwoven (i.e. the characters know each other vaguely). The characters in each are poorly acted (with the exception of Alan Rickman – but, you know, he’s Alan Rickman after all), and underdeveloped. You can’t really care that they’re all caught up in love because it’s never built-up or developed on. Everyone is just in love, and you have to both accept and care about it. Nothing is dealt with any further than that. Really.

Don’t see it. Unless you get dragged by a partner, you have no excuses.