December 20, 2003 | Category:

Games, Astronomy, And Arial

Since I’ve been unable to update this week, the random links have amassed into a huge pile. To make sure you’re not completely overwhelmed by them (there are around 30), I’ll prune them a bit and split it into two posts. The other half should be out either tomorrow morning or Monday night. Onwards:

  • Snowfight 3D – Following on from the classic Starcraft clone, Snowfight, comes the 3D version. Requires Shockwave, but damn good,
  • Fan And Ball – The rather tricky game of moving a ball along a track using a fan. Also requires Shockwave,
  • Simpson’s Paradox – An odd bit of maths that occurs due to weighting differences,
  • Atlas Of The Universe – A map showing the major formations within the universe, centred around our solar system,
  • RSS lightcone – Following on from the previous, get an RSS feed of the major astronomical bodies entering your lightcone. Only 13 months until HR8832 enters my lightcone and I can be blamed for stuff over there,
  • Non-Semantic Semantics – In a genuinely ironic move, the European Semantic Web Symposium’s website is pretty far from semantic. It uses tables for layout and, painfully, uses images instead of text for every single word. Via Zeldman,
  • PHP highest scripting language – Although, as Simon Willison notes, Python is highest on a search for programming language, on a google search for scriping language it takes second place to PHP,
  • Bluestumbler – Information on the horrible insecurity found on most bluetooth enabled devices; including mobiles,
  • Computerman – I wish I had broadband so I could see Jack Black’s new show.

Next lot will be coming soon.