December 21, 2003 | Category:

Arial, Tolkien, And English

The second part of yesterdays link-o-rama:

  • The Scourge Of Arial – The history of Arial, and its borrowing of Helvetica,
  • How To Spot Arial – How to tell Helvetica and Arial apart. For obsessives and typographers only,
  • 4096 Colour Wheel – A colour wheel that demonstrates the difference between websafe, websmart and pure hex colours. The difference is quite pronounced,
  • Gameboy Advance Car Tuner – Turn your Gameboy Advance into a logger for an engine tuner. People go to some stupid lengths to show off,
  • MUTE file sharing – A new file sharing program that works anonymously. Although, I very much doubt this will last,
  • Link blogs in PHP – Use link blogs provided by in a PHP powered site. I’ll be looking into this,
  • Enemy Of Progress – An alternative view of Lord Of The Rings, with a discussion of Romaticism versus progressive society. Kinda turns the world on its head,
  • XFN – A way of creating a semantic network of friends using standard HTML mechanisms. Way too much work, I’d rather do this implicitly,
  • Illuminopoly – Alternative rules for Monopoly that focus on mind control. Seems quite interesting. I particularly like the various winning conditions,
  • Rise Of The Spammers – They’re getting very serious. Spamming is big business these days,
  • Plain English Campaign – A guide to using English in a formal, yet accessible way.

And that’s that for a few days. I’ll be back before Christmas.