December 23, 2003 | Category: Uncategorized


It’s been a while since I left the cinema quite so happy. It wasn’t because SWAT is a good, well-written film. Quite the opposite.

It is utterly terrible; bad in so many ways as to be hilariously good.

No-one will ever beat the character names in this film: Jim Street, the top swat member who gets kicked off the team following an incident with his risk taking partner, Gamble. He’s later recruited to a new “ass-kicking” swat team by Hondo Harrelson, along with other fantastically monikered characters such as TJ McCabe and Sanchez (the latino).

The dialogue is straight out of an episode of McGarnacle (the fictional show in The Simpsons), with a plot and stereotyping to match; with classic lines like, “You feel me, chief”.

I loved every cheesey, pathetic minute of it.