January 11, 2005 | Category:

Pub Crawls, Part 1: Subcrawl

A series of posts on pub crawls in the fine city of Glasgow could not be started with anything other than the mighty Subcrawl. Otherwise known as the Clockwork Orange, it’s a bit of a big one.

For those who have never heard of it (or been to Glasgow), the premise is simple: Glasgow has a 15 stop, circular underground. The idea is to get off at every stop, go to the nearest pub and have a drink. A great way of getting the full flavour of Glasgow (seeing pubs all over the place), but with some problems.

First, you should aim to clear Govan, Ibrox and Kinning Park as quickly as possible. Not the best of areas, especially for non-regulars or tourists. Secondly, you miss the East End, Merchant City, and some other nice areas of the city. Not that the Subcrawl will give you a chance for sightseeing, since you’ll be rushing around the underground.

The whole thing takes up to 10 hours (for large groups, with a food stop) so will wipe out an entire day from pub opening, but well worth the effort.