January 12, 2005 | Category:

Pub Crawls, Part 2: Sauchiehall Crawl

Another pub crawl, this time entirely in the city centre of Glasgow, is the Sauchiehall Crawl. It takes a very different approach to the Subcrawl, and is more of a challenge.

The concept is this: start at the Buchannan Galleries end of Sauchiehall Street (you will have no trouble finding it) and get to Driftwood within an hour. As a walk, it’d be easily achievable (10 minutes or so?). You must, however, have a drink in as many pubs as you possibly can along the way (there are plenty to choose from). You judge the crawl based on the number you manage to get to inside an hour. If you make it to Driftwood late, you lose.

An interesting speed crawl, leaving you poised perfectly for getting to several clubs and bars, or heading into the West End. The West End, of course, will be the venue for pub crawl 3.