January 31, 2005 | Category: Uncategorized

Film Fight: January 2005

As observers of this site might know, I had planned on removing film reviews from Solitude, a plan I revised in the comments of that same post a day later. Now the plan was, and is, to wait until the end of the month and compare that months cinema viewing against each other and try to come up with a favourite. This would make my life much easier when it comes for the inevitable best films of 2005 post. As one might expect, there has been a slight hitch in that plan: I’ve only been to the cinema once this month.

Team America: World Police is what you might expect from Matt Stone and Trey Parker when given puppets: silly plots, stupid characters and blatant attempts to piss off the most people possible. Absolutely hilarious in places, the duo know how to utilise odd mediums to make a point, but it lacks in a lot of places; large gaps of the film just don’t have any jokes. Also, the number of jokes that are taking directly from South Park (the “montage” song, for example) is pretty disappointing.

Still, given there are no other contenders, it’s an easy January victory for Team America.