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A Year In Music: January 2005

There has been a lot on the yourcodenameis:milo front this month. They announced the details of their new EP, Rapt. Dept, which appeared on the 31st January with superb artwork by Storm Thorgerson (who has done Mars Volta artwork), as well as their forthcoming album, Ignoto. The album (due March) will feature one of the finest song titles of all time, “Unfinished Drawing Of Cats”, as a UK bonus track. As well as this, the video for Rapt. Dept appeared and is fantastic, fitting the song like so few videos beforehand. Moody rock picked apart by heavenly imagery, breaking down into a bizarre ethereal spookiness. Incredibly good stuff on both the audio and visual front.

Bands who split: Mclusky have ended it, after 3 great albums, and Ikara Colt split on the 16th. Both shall be missed.

Idlewild released the video from new single, “Love Steal Us From Loneliness”. Very loose storyline involving two people who are alone, even when together. A playful enough video, but lacks depth. Idlewild played 5 acoustic shows across the country this month, followed by a full electric tour in April/May.

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead… released their new album, “Worlds Apart”, on the final day of the month. Very heavily hyped, and sounding superb. Trail Of Dead albums have been masterpieces in the past, but this is the one that might live on as seminal.