February 02, 2005 | Category:

Games, Part 1: Introduction

Games have never been a major topic on Solitude, save links to flash games and the odd comment about how something has been eating up my time. Given that I’ve been playing games a lot longer than I’ve been interested in web design, computing, music and the other things I’ve been writing about of late, this is a somewhat odd state of affairs.

While the amount of time I spend playing games has been heavily marginalised (very low priority after all), I still like to follow what’s going on and understand significant issues in the gaming world. (Yes, I am an Edge reader).

So, the next series of posts are going to focus on several gaming related issues. Expect focus to be thrown on the current handheld battles, the pursuit of realism, net gaming (yes, more flash), and possibly some other non-video game topics in the wider world of gaming (of which I have almost no interest).

Non-gamers: switch off for a week.