April 08, 2005 | Category:

GreaseMonkey Goodies

The last time I checked out the GreaseMonkey Repository (which will be moved to UserScript.org at some stage), I was a little underwhelmed. Greasmonkey is a great idea (allowing people to change sites at will is a game changer), but at the time the scripts just didn’t do anything that I was interested in, beyond the occasional advert blocker.

A quick look through the greatly boosted number of scripts reveals some really nice efforts. The best ones I installed are below (all can be found in the repository):

  • Javadocs 1.4.2 – I’d have killed for this during my project. It automatically redirects Java 1.5 api pages to their 1.4.2 equivalent. Handy in conjunction with javadocs.org.
  • Hotmail Single Window – I’m using my Hotmail accounts less and less due to GMail but one or two I can’t close. It annoys me that they use javascript to open external links, but this little script fixes that. Nice.
  • Inline MP3 Player – The killer app, in my opinion. It adds an inline play button next to any mp3 linked on the web. Want to preview what an mp3 blog is offering? Just hit the button. Outstanding.

There are more available, and more to come I’m sure, but the great thing about GreaseMonkey is you get what you want. Worth a look.