October 25, 2005 | Category:

Another Year Gone

Yes, it’s another obligatory birthday post (see last year’s and the one from 2003 for examples). Last year I said 21 was an interesting age and that it’d be a good year. I was very right.

It’s been a very busy year, but also an enjoyable one. I’ve learned more about the world, people, friendship, the real world (come back, student life, all is forgiven!) and everything else in the last year than I have in any other period of my life. I guess that’s growing up.

New friends, new challenges, new job, a new band (with new drumkit), and new world view.

Then there’s the old. For the first time on a birthday, people have been calling me old (I’m only 22!). I almost feel bad about calling Matt old all those times… then I realised he’ll always be old. Also, I know Derek has this fun to go through in a year or two, so I’m sure there’s some karmic balance between those two with me in the middle.

It’s been busy. I can’t remember a time when I had so much stuff going on. Since starting my job in July, it seems like I’ve been doing stuff pretty much every day and night. The one or two nights a week I’m in, I’m generally too tired to do anything worthwhile, hence the post rate and my creative output in general dropping. Things seem to be settling a bit now, so hopefully that’ll change.

I’m not going to make any predictions of where I’ll be, or what I’ll be doing this time next year. This last year has taught me that if you just go with things and take risks and chances, you’ll end up better off. Fortune favours the brave and all that.

Anyway, I’ll finish with a verse from a song that’s being going through my head all day:

Another day down, it’s another month gone, God knows how many shows, Yeah we still keep moving on and on, But that’s rock’n’roll I ‘spose.

We’ll see how that stands in a year.