November 08, 2005 | Category:

Design: Lotus Notes Part 3

After the two previous posts about Notes, I was going to leave it alone. It’s an old version (R5) I’m using and it’s probably had enough. I even binned the list I had of 14-15 other things wrong with it. Today, though, I saw something that made me laugh.

Traditional web browsers can only download a regular percentage of a web page, generally with a maximum of 100% of a page being brought down; not so with Notes. Today it set a new record for downloading a percentage of a web page.

It got to 200% and I was impressed.

It jumped to 500% and I was astounded.

When it got to 11892% (that’s nearly twelve thousand percent) complete, I knew I had seen something truly amazing. Congrats, Notes, you did it!