November 12, 2005 | Category:

Food, part 2: Sugah

It occurred to me while I was trying to think of something to post that I never actually finished the Food series. Oops. To cause the title of the series to become more of a misnomer (let’s be honest, most of the stuff so far has been barely edible), I’m going to teach you all how to make a drink.

  1. First get a bottle of Oasis (or similar) and drink it.
  2. Get a mug and a funnel.
  3. Scoop 3-4 spoonfuls of cofee into the mug, followed by the same amount of hot chocolate powder.
  4. Add 2 spoonfuls of sugar.
  5. Add 2 spoonfuls of black sugar.
  6. Add 2 spoonfuls of icing sugar.
  7. Got any more sugar? Add 2 spoonfuls.
  8. Half fill the mug with milk and half with water.
  9. Microwave for 70 seconds (microwave cuisine – king among cooking methods).
  10. Pour into Oasis bottle via funnel.
  11. Refrigerate.

Once cold, you’ll have a drink that not only tastes great but works as a great counter agent to sleep deprivation, elephant-grade sedatives and day long meetings. The last time I had this stuff I, literally, could not sit still.

P.S. Not recommended for diabetics or people who don’t want to develop diabetes.