December 15, 2005 | Category:

Biffy, Part 1: Blackened Sky

A few months back, arguably the best rock band in the UK, Biffy Clyro, announced that they would play an unprecedented four nights in a row at King Tuts in Glasgow. On the first three nights they said they would play one of their three albums per night, whole and in-order. On the final night, they would play their unrecorded fourth album for the first time. Despite tickets selling out entirely on pre-sales, I managed to get several tickets to each night. So loud band, small venue, absolutely packed.

The first night was the Blackened Sky show. Being their most straightforward and most loved album among the ardent fanbase, this was always going to be a good night.

The support act was… unusual. A clown came onstage and made a balloon animal. Then, while Christmas carols were sung by all, he made his way around the crowd making more balloon animals for the prettiest girls he could see; smart clown.

Then the band took to the stage and slammed through the first album in its entirety. That the crowd knew every word to every song meant that Simon could go easy on the vocals, barely having to sing a note. 57, Just Boy and 27 were stand out classics, but the high point for many was the encore which consisted of old B-side, Hope For An Angel.

An excellent start.