December 15, 2005 | Category:

Biffy, Part 2: The Vertigo Of Bliss

Night two of the Biffy Clyro residency at King Tut’s saw a slightly different atmosphere early on. With so much waiting around for the band the night before, and the near non-existent support act (a clown), the earlier part of the evening was much quieter, with much more room and less heat in the downstairs bar.

Upstairs, the merchandise stand were selling a surplus of older t-shirts (not available the night before) and the band were milling around, talking to people and having a few drinks.

Tonight’s support act, while not traditional, was musical. A string quartet trio played a number of songs, largely comprised of Christmas tunes of which no-one knew the second verses. Many poor renditions ensued by the crowd.

While I’ve never been overly keen on the first half of tonight’s album, The Vertigo Of Bliss, I was surprised by just how good it sounded live. I guess that’s how the album was shaped (recording took only 2 days) so it makes sense that it’s such a crowd pleaser. However, there was nothing better than long time set and album closer, Now The Action Is On Fire, featuring the usual thrashing finish with stage diving.

A loud and brash finish, but sadly no encore as it was already running over.