December 16, 2005 | Category:

Biffy, Part 3: Infinity Land

Day three and the last of the Biffy Clyro gigs at King Tuts based on released material. The atmosphere was much quieter before the gig, with the downstairs bar remaining quiet (there were seats still available) and upstairs at the venue staying pretty room until much nearer the main act’s stage time.

Shame, really, since the support act was the most entertaining so far. Again foregoing another band in favour of something a little bit different, tonight a magician took to the stage. While his finale was entirely underwhelming (a flimsily crafted card trick), the rest of the act was well-performed.

At 10pm, as with previous nights, Biffy took to the stage, this time playing Infinity Land; easily the band’s heaviest album. While “There’s No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake” was the song that really set the crowd off, the highlight of the night had to be the unexpected guest appearance of Reuben‘s Jamie Lenman. That said, the encore of “And With Scissorkicks Is Victorious”, which the crowd had been asking for since the first night, went down a treat.

Another great Biffy gig.