February 02, 2006 | Category:

In The Quiet

I know, I know. You’re wondering why I haven’t been filling your lives with long winded articles about obscure attacks, or strange foods or music that no-one else likes. When, you’re surely thinking, will I find out what film Gary preferred out of the four he saw in January? (It was probably Jarhead by a whisker, to ruin the surprise). The reasons are threefold:

  1. Work. I’ve been incredibly busy for the last few weeks. There’s nothing quite like a deadline to kill all creative and expressive urges; it’s been a case of going to work, coming home, and vegetating.
  2. Going out. To stave off going nuts from the above, I’ve been going out a hell of a lot, not least of all being Mr Murray’s 21st birthday last weekend. I do implore you to search out the photos from that particular night. Not because of the incriminating pictures of Derek (which are sadly mostly private) but for the fact I look like I’ve had a stroke incapacitating half of my face in nearly all of them.
  3. Moving. Preparation and pre-moving “smaller” items into my nice new flat has been taking up a fair chunk of my free time. I’ve yet to figure out how to get a drum kit from here to there, but it’ll be a fun challenge. Semantic web geeks please note that it’ll mean that my GeoUrl (anyone actually doing anything with those?) will be accurate within 5 miles for the first time!

Sadly, until I get broadband (and a phone line) set up in the new place, the silence will largely continue. See all five of you fine readers at the flatwarming, no doubt.