March 29, 2006 | Category:

Deafening Noise

It’s been… nearly eight weeks since my last post and, I must confess, I’ve barely noticed the time go past. It’s been pretty hectic, what with a new flat, several cities to visit, work being crazy busy and Glasgow city centre proving to be fairly entertaining. Broadband having been installed last week (finally, after some fairly shoddy service by the first people we tried to get coverage from) I will be posting more regularly now, time permitting.

A quick recap of the last two months, including lessons learned:

  • New flat in the city centre leading to many nights out.
  • Sleep can be bypassed for large periods of time.
  • It’s more than possible to avoid the internet for several months without getting overly antsy.
  • 22Mbps broadband is ridiculous. Tricky to max out.
  • If you shave your head, it will likely snow heavily the very next day. Sort of like a rain dance, but colder. And with less dancing.
  • Prague food: the right mix of cheap, tasty and large portions.
  • Prague booze: the right mix of cheap, tasty and large portions.
  • Prague culture: the wrong mix of tourism, Western influences and the painfully obvious.
  • The less people you have at a party, the more people (as an absolute number) that will pass out.
  • My new computer (a 64-bit dual core athlon with 2Gb RAM and other silly goodness) is moderately better than my old computer (comparable to a Casio digital).
  • To do lists are the bane of my life, yet I keep them compulsively.
  • Although sleep can be bypassed, when the lack thereof hits, it hits hard.

Need sleep. Real posts soon.