November 30, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized

Serious Facebook Apps

The flip-side to my post about Dopplr being a stand-alone network, and how that is probably a bad thing is exactly where are all the serious or worthwhile Facebook applications? I can’t recall ever having seen anything with that isn’t a novelty of some sort.

Sure, games, quizzes, toys etc can be fun and people are most definitely using them, but are there any applications out there outside of the entertainment/trivia category that are good enough for consumption? I’m fairly interested by this and what, if anything, it says about preferred usage patterns on social networks.

Is the lack of visibility on non-entertainment apps because they don’t exist or because people simply don’t use them? If the former, then is that because the serious app developers don’t want to cropshare or because they see it as futile? If the latter, is it something inherent in being in front of your friends that causes the lack of interest?

I honestly have no answers here, but I’m hoping I’ll see some suggestions made here about what’s happening, or even showing some good “serious” apps.