November 30, 2009 | Category: Uncategorized

Thirty Posts

Frequent readers will have noticed a fairly large upturn in the number of posts I’ve been making recently. For the last year or so, I’ve averaged around 1-2 posts a month, which is a fairly low amount.

Separately, for a few years now, I’ve wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo, where, in the month of November, you’re expected to write an entire novel. Now, I’m realistic enough to know that I wouldn’t make enough time to do that this year. So I wanted to do something else instead, much smaller scale.

I opted to try and write a post each day for the month of November. Obviously, that’s a lot less than writing a novel, but I felt that it was do-able.

As I’m writing this, the last post for November, I have no idea whether or not I managed it (this is being written at least a week early, and then scheduled to publish last thing on the 30th). Whether I did or not, I’ve enjoyed it so far. There have been a number of items sitting waiting to get written for a while, without any pressure to actually do so.

While I am absolutely not aiming to keep this rate up, I do have something of a plan to publish a number of other items over the coming weeks. Hopefully, that’ll pan out okay and we won’t get back to that abysmal rate before this month.

Anyway, apologies for some of the lower quality items you’ve seen (I should not write early in the morning), I’ll be aiming to make everything from here a lot higher quality.

UPDATE: Turns out I did manage it. Nice.